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Are you looking for a to check balance on Cineplex gift card? Then you can either check online or via phone number. Here I will discuss in detail how to check Cineplex gift card balance within just few second.

If you are a Cineplex gift cardholder, then you will also need to reload the balance of the Cineplex gift card, which will assist you in shopping. Mostly to check gift card balance there are two options available, you can check either via phone number or online according to your choice.

Check Cineplex Gift Card Balance Online

There are also lots of survey program that are available which offers you gift card balance by simply participating in Cineplex customer feedback survey program and by just giving your opinion about their products and services after completion of survey you will be rewarded with a gift card balance.

The gift cardholder receives many advantages that non-card holder does not receive. Visit their website for more detail.

History of Leows Cineplex

Loews Theatres is also known as Loews Incorporated. It was founded on June 23, 1904 by Marcus Loew. It was the oldest theater chain operating in North America until it merged with AMC Theatres on January 26, 2006. From 1924 until 1959, it was the parent company of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios.

The Loews name is still used by AMC in many markets. Their slogan was “Thank you for coming to Loews, sit back and relax, enjoy the show!!!”, which was used in the chain’s theater policy ads from the 1980s through the 1990s, when Sony rebranded the chain.

The company was originally known as “Loew’s”, after the founder, Marcus Loew. In 1969, when the Tisch brothers acquired the company and it was renown as “Loews”.

Steps to check cineplex gift card balance

  • Visit their website
  • Purchase the card from their website
  • Visit the following link
  • Enter your card number
  • Enter your pin number
  • After successful login you will be redirected to their dashboard and check your balance
  • You can also check the balance of the card from the phone (1-800-255-0311)
  • You can also check your balance from their stores


I hope this article is helpful about cineplex gift card is helpful for the customers. For more details, you can simply visit their official website to check cineplex gift card balance online.